zens teaset

Extract Series

Features an upbeat, contemporary look popular for modern kitchen decor. Bamboo sleeve around the neck of the teapot for pouring. Pairing hand-woven bamboo with the soft porcelain is the perfect match. Made for those who appreciated modern home designs and the use of natural materials.

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zens home decorate

Bamboo Series

The bamboo is from Ji’an, Zhejiang, hometown
of bamboos in China, after rounds of selction,
with one chosen among one thousand. After
fumigation, the raw bamboo matches the
industrial components better while preserves
the original gentle texture and growth marks.

zens home decorate

Picto Series

Crescent-shaped seat seamlessly welded at the contact point between the base and seat, this stool re-creates an ordinary stool into a piece of art. Fully supports the weight of an adult.

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travel teaset

Pai Series

Vertical teapot and glass cup set you will not find anywhere else. Upper infuser steeps loose leaf tea, then simply press the button when the tea is ready to fill the cup below. Voila! You are ready to go.