A Gift of Zen from ZENS

From March 24 to 27 in 2015, Mr. Jorg, Managing Director of Zens Europe, briefed His Excellency the Prime Minister on Zens' investment and development strategy in Holland and presented to him as a gift a BMW Zherui Tea Set which has won the German Red Dot Award.

The BMW Zherui Tea Set, thus named as Zherui in Chinese means sagacity and perspicacity, is one of the products made jointly by two completely different industrial sectors, i.e., Zens and the BMW. This series of tea sets also include the BMW Zhesi Brown Pottery Travel Tea Set (Zhesi in Chinese meaning wise thinking), the BMW Zhexing High Grade White Porcelain Tea Set (Zhexing in Chinese meaning wise behavior), and the BMW Zheyue Blue-and-white Porcelain Tea Set (Zheyue in Chinese meaning wise and happy).   

This is the BMW Travel Tea Set,  the first of its type globally, which has broken away from the traditional Chinese tea-drinking experience, as it has taken as its core philosophy "the creation of a pleasant journey any where any time", making it possible to bring a tea set along any where any time. Thus, a consumer may enjoy the return of a slow tea-drinking life even if he is driving fast.

On May 13, 2015, Zens worked in cooperation with Simon Lévelt, a tea and coffee brand in Holland with a history of 200 years, and successfully launched three collaborative products, namely, the Refinement Shuttle & Simon Lévelt Love Tea Set, the Refinement Polar Light & Simon Lévelt Love Tea Set, and the Refinement Time & Simon Lévelt  Coffee Set.

Simon Lévelt is a tea and coffee brand in Holland, with a history of more than 200 years. With efforts made by six generations of people, it has accumulated rich cultural assets, with the number of coffee and tea sales networks in Holland and Belgium exceeding 40.