ZENS Nendo Stone Series Stone Coffee Pot - Warm grey

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Color – Warm grey

This series from the Nendo Studio has turned a simple stone motif into an innovative design where function meets form. The lids and infusers of the teapots and glass water jug are fashioned after palmed-sized, smooth stones.
In the long and square plates, the deep indention corresponds to its ceramic stone cover that makes yet another unique function as a dipping bowl. The round plates express the motif with a widened pebble that covers the center of the dinner plate, where the edge can act as a trough for sauces.
The coffee set uses a “stacked stone” design inspired by the art of rock balancing which can be used as is or stacked to easily carry at once.
The Stone Series has taken a simple symbol of nature and the calm serenity of a mountain stream and incorporated it into a beautiful and functional design.

Features & Details
Color: Warm Gray
Steep 20.3ounces
Box measures: 7.7''L x5.8''W x 5.5''H
Material: Fine Bone China/silicon

      Nendo Stone Series
      Nendo Stone Series