ZENS Aritayaki Extract Series Union Tea Set with 2 Cups

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Color – Mica Silver

This tea set is the next iteration of the simple and stylishly designed ZENS Extract Series, eliminating any complicated details and demonstrating modern minimalism.

From Japan’s historic Arita kilns, the high temperature glaze has a unique and interesting artistic appeal. The simple shape of the set and natural descrepancies in the color due to the natural kiln change process creates an aesthetic of timeless elegance you will not find anywhere else. The neck of the teapot also adopts bamboo weaving, one of China’s intangible cultural heritage, for an insulating sleeve. The intricate bamboo weaving contains history and culture, and when combined with its modern and simple design, a wonderful union is achieved.

Features & Details
Color: Ore Black
Teapot steep 14.54 ounces
Teacup 3.38 ounces
Teapot x1(Pot x1, Lid x1, Infuser x1)
Teacup x2
Tea towel x1
Tray x1
Top plate x1
Coaster x2
Box measures: 16.4''L x 13''W x 4.2''H
Material: Ceramic, Bamboo,Stainless steel

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