"Maison et Objet" is an annual international home and interior design trade fair held in Paris, France. The event brings together designers, manufacturers, and industry professionals from around the world to showcase their latest products and innovative designs. Maison et Objet typically covers a wide range of categories including furniture, tea set, decorative items, kitchenware, and home textiles. The fair also features numerous forums and activities providing a platform for networking and discussing design trends and innovative concepts.

Zens& Maison Object

ZENS Lifestyle featured the new collection by Michael Young, a leader in international design who has become one of the most authoritative figures in Asian Design. His new furniture and lighting series is based on traditional Chinese aesthetics and incorporates bamboo as the primary design element. His tableware series also takes common subjects of Chinese traditional painting as its central theme.

Many of the products he collaborated with Zens on, such as tea sets and teapots, have achieved good market satisfaction. Many of them have been sold out, and there are still kitchenware for sale.

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