The Production Process of MY Lamps

As a designer, Michael Young was inspired by the natural scene of sunlight breaking through a bamboo grove. With the most concise design, he has captured the essence of this scene in his new series of lamps.

Naturally grown bamboo is the primary material and focus in this collection, and all bamboo used is grown in Anji, Zhejiang Province, the homeland of bamboo in China.

In order to fit with the manufactured components, the individual stalks of bamboo must be hand-picked, and quite often there is only one in a thousand which meets the exact requirements. To preserve its gentle feel and growth marks, the original bamboo is treated only through a fumigation process.

For the lamp shades, the classic bell-shapes are molded by artificial glass-blowing techniques in three colors of white, grey and pink. The dull polish on the glass surface is created by means of acid pickling. The effect reminds one of a thin fog and is used to simulate the warm glow of sunlight, giving a touch of nature to the lamps and adding to the atmosphere of indoor living space.

Paper lamp shades are made of eco-friendly Xuan Paper, a special type of Chinese art paper. The fine texture of the paper adds to the natural feel of the light. The process of making the shades include modeling, thread-winding, paper-cutting by hand, and paper-sticking. Through these meticulous processes, an exquisite and uniform shape is achieved with a minimal variance of 5mm. Available in white, grey, and pink.

Bamboo Processing Technology  

  1. Cleaning in the woods
  1. Selection and cutting
  1. Straightening and hot bending

 Primary color bamboo canes: Carbonizing

Technological Flow for Blowing Glass Lamp Shades

  1. Blowing
  2. Edge polishing
  3. Acid pickling