ZENS Meet U Around the Corner

When Zens, a well-known name for everyday home utensils, advocates and promotes the wisdom of the Oriental life, it does not merely mean the restoration of antiquated artifacts lost to history. Rather, it hopes to communicate with the contemporary consumer directly and encourage them to adopt aspects of this lifestyle into their daily lives. In this way, Zens has been able to profoundly impress consumers with a more diverse cultural background.


Finding the Orient in the Occident

On November 22, 2014, Zens Europe officially began servicing its customers at the city center of Amsterdam, a metropolis famous for its art, design and innovation.


@ Cafe paulette

▲Address: 1st Floor, GALERIES LAFAYETTE , 40, Boulevard Haussmann, 75009, Paris, France


Galeries Lafayette, sitting adjacent to the Palais Garnier, lies in the commercial center of Paris, where shoppers come and go in an seemingly endless stream. Cafe Paulette is housed on the first floor of the building and is frequented by the locals as one of the most popular tea shops. The Lotus & Fish Series, its Ice Extraction Pot, the T41 set, and other products available here are a few of the most popular items.


@ La Rinascente

In June 2015, Zens made its debut on the T stage in the international capital of fashion, Milan, officially settling down in La Rinascente, a top Italian department store. An event indicating that the Oriental lifestyle is emerging as a trend in fashion and interior design.


Zens in Switherland

@ Betjeman and Barton Tea shop  

▲Address: 35 rue St Jose*ph 1227 Carouge, Switherland

The Dam Theine Teashop is the agent of Betjeman & Barton. Based in Paris, France, Betjeman & Barton have been tea merchants since 1919. They offer black, perfumed, and herbal teas from around the world.   


Zens in San Francisco

An owner-principal with a profound understanding of the tea culture certainly has a discerning eye in the selection of tea sets. The colored Mobile Moon Portable set, representing Zens' specially-designed travel tea sets.

@ China Live

Address: 644 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

With a profound understanding of tea culture, the owner certainly has a discerning eye in the selection of tea sets, including the colored Mobile Moon Portable set, representing specially-designed travel tea sets of Zens.



Zens in Jakarta

@Lewis &Carroll

▲Address: Jl. Bumi No 4. Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12120

If we say that Zens is a confirmed hardcore fan of the Olympic Games, then we can equally say that Lewis & Carroll, a tea shop located in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a confirmed hardcore fan of Zens' products. Though with no gaudy decoration or resounding name, the tea shop, which loves tea devotedly, uses the best of tea sets and makes tea with the most carefully prepared tea leaves for all those who know tea and love tea. Thanks to all this, tea sets classically designed by Zens, including the Fun-Gaining series, the Flowers' Charm series, and the Flowers' Whisper series, have become


You will even find the Fun-Gaining Tea Set series posted on the first page of its website, an accomplishment our team is delighted to see as we grow our brand and meet new people.


Zens in Harrlem

@Simon Levelt

▲Address: A. Hofmanweg 3, Haarlem, Netherlands 2031 BH

Simon Lévelt has more than 40 Coffee & Tea specialty stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.


In January 2016, several of our classic products, including the Refinement 1.0, Refinement Brightness, and Refinement Glass Storage Jar were listed on the online shopping site Wallpaper*, an authority in global design.